Bronze Masterpiece Statues of Hindu Gods by Bronze Creative

Commission a Hand Made, Masterpiece Bronze Statue of a Hindu God
How to Commission your own Bronze Murti
The Bronze Creative allows you to commission a bronze for your temple or home altar like the Rajas of the Chola Empire.  We can create any piece you desire in bronze in any size.   All we need is a picture or an accurate description of the Hindu God along with a size and we can create a personal piece for your temple or home.

Send us an email to with your request and we will let you know about cost as well as give you an accurate timeline for the bronze's casting and ultimate completion.

In your email be sure to include either a picture of the piece or an accurate description of the piece along with the height of the statue.

During the process you will receive regular pictures of the main stages of the casting process.  We will email you pictures of the completed wax mold.  The completed cast piece and then the finished piece before it is shipped to our warehouse.

Indian Bronze Art and the Cholas
The beginnings of India's temple, Bronze Age were in the commissioning of bronze statues by the Rajas of the Chola Empire.

The Cholas came to power in the late 9th century, and until the late 13th century.  They ruled most of South India, Sri Lanka, the Maldive Islands, and even parts of the Indonesian island of Java from their homeland near Thanjavur, or Tanjore on the southeastern coast of what is now Tamil Nadu, India.

The Chola rulers are now remembered most for what they created rather than for what they conquered.  Chola rulers were active patrons of the arts.  Some of the best-known artistic remains from this time period are the hand made, lost wax method bronzes that were commissioned for the vast temples that were constructed under their reign.   Some of the bronzes still remain in the temples they were commissioned for while others are now on display in the museums of the world as priceless treasures.
The classic archetypes of dancing Shiva as Nataraja, Parvati and all other Hindu gods were first created in the Chola times and have been recreated by the temple artisans of India for centuries.

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