Bronze Masterpiece Statues of Hindu Gods by Bronze Creative

6 Artists of the Bronze Creative
6 Artists in front of the neighboring rice field

Most of the Artists of the Bronze Creative
Most of the artists of the Bronze Creative

Artists with their unfinished Nataraja Statue
Displaying an unfinished 4 foot Nataraja Statue which is now finished and for sale.
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In total there are 27 people working at the bronze creative.  Just one year ago there were 17 workers.  Because of heightened demand they have had to hire more workers.  This is a wonderful sign for the future of the Indian bronze casting business.  The art of bronze casting has such a rich history and is the very fiber of India.  Having more young people joining as apprentices means this skill will live with them and ensure the growth of this rich tradition.

The three brothers Varadaraj, Varun and Sini are the owners.  Varadaraj oversees all aspects of production and is the most senior artist.  Varun, is a wonderful wax modeler.  The youngest , Sini is the best with numbers and besides wax modeling and handles the accounting aspects of the business.  

There are 8 wax modelers who are in charge of making the wax model of the figure and the base.   Two of the eight workers are apprentices learning the trade. 

There are 3 workers who do the entire earthen mold making and handle the actual bronze casting.  Selvam is the manager for of the three workers.  He is 24 years old and worked as a mason before joining the bronze creative 3 years ago.  He much prefers working for the Bronze creative than to masonry

They have 8 wax modelers including Varadaraj, Varun and Sini.  2 of which are apprentices. 

There are 13 people who do all the finishing for the statues.  This includes all the chiseling, filing, scrapping and carving of the statues. 

11 of the 27 live in the second floor of the shop.  The workshop was previously a family’s home so it is fully acceptable to live there.  Along with their salary they get to live above the workshop and get three meals a day.  The work day is from 9 AM to 6:30 with an hour for lunch.  If they like they can work till 9:00 PM for over time.  Or they can use the facilities to make their own sculptures that they can sell themselves for extra money.   

The 3 owners of theBronze Creative

The 3 brothers of the Bronze Creative
The Children of the village

The little neighbors

3 Bronze Artists

Having a laugh

The Bronzes Creative workshop is situated next to a rice field.  It is quite an open, beautiful and natural environment.  Right next door to the workshop is the home of Varadaraj, Varun, Sini and their parents. 

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